It doesn’t matter whether you’re thinking about selling in six months, five years, ten years or simply want to consider it as an option – it’s so important to understand what you can be doing today to maximise your sale price. That’s because there are things you can be doing today to ensure your business is as attractive as possible to a future buyer. And we’re not just talking about maximising your profits.

In our highly practical workshop we’ll be looking at:

  • How businesses are valued

  • Practical steps you can take today to increase the value of your sale multiplier when you sell

  • The legality of selling including why the seller will want goodwill higher while the buyer will want it lower

  • How to calculate the tax you’ll pay on sale

  • Success stories and horror stories and what you can learn from them

  • Plus more


Whether you’re thinking of buying a business or selling a business, this will be an uber practical workshop full of tips, tricks and advice so you can maximise your sale price.

Workshops will be held at our Glenbrook and CBD offices and details are below:

Wednesday 21st August at 9.30am-12.30pm

Thursday 29th August at 9.30am-12.30pm

Cost: $49 per attendee OR free if you're on the A&TA Way (CFO packages can bring four attendees, Numbers Package three attendees and Basics Package two attendees).

But book now as venue constraints mean we have limited capacity and we know this will book out.

To find out more and to book click the links below:

For A&TA Way members, please email to claim your free tickets.

How to Prepare Your Business For Sale