Tax for Individuals

Keeping receipts in a shoebox is one way to do personal tax. But you’re ready for something a little more sophisticated. Stylish, still simple. You’re looking for the A&TA way.


First up, we’ll make sure you don’t miss a single deduction, and minimise your tax bill by making claims you don’t even know you’re entitled to.


But we don’t just do tax returns. We’ll also look at the tax you’re paying, the money you’re earning and make sure you’re making great financial choices. Since not all debt is bad debt, we’ll walk you through the difference and how to use the good kind to enhance your income through investment. (If you want to kick even more money goals, we’ll introduce you to our sister business The Money Barre who can talk financial strategy and investing.) A&TA uses everything in our toolkit  to minimise your tax, maximise your wealth and make sure you come out of every tax season feeling like you won.


Because you don’t want the shoebox. You want the shoes.







Tax for Companies

Starting your own business takes vision, creativity, expertise and a little daring.


Running your own business requires budget and cash flow management, tax planning, GST and superannuation, staffing, income distribution, profit improvement, pricing psychology, asset protection, trusts and compliance.


Chances are, that’s the part keeping you awake at night, distracting you from what you’re good at.


It’s time to outsource the worry, and let A&TA do what we’re good at. We’ll take care of your tax, streamline your financial systems and straighten up your budget, no matter the size or state of your business right now. 


And when we’ve taken care of the basics, you’ll be ready for our bespoke business planning. Supported by a network of expert mentors, coaches, IT and operations experts, we’ll work with you to set new goals, expand your vision, increase your profits, hold you accountable and keep you on track so your business grows into what you know it can be.


With A&TA to worry for you and work with you, you’re about to go from good to great. 




As company tax experts, A&TA meets you where you’re at, with tailored packages for start-ups to industry leaders, and everything in between.  

I was all over the place with my tax/finances and it scared me to look into it, so I popped it in a drawer and hoped it would go away. I then met up with Mel who put me at ease and spoke to me in normal talk (vs accountant confusing talk). I immediately felt comfortable, supported and empowered to take control of all my accounting needs. Blythe Rowe Speaker, Trainer, Author



Self Managed Superannuation

You’re already good at money. You know it. But how do you know if you’re ready for self managed super? 


Together with our partner financial planning firm, The Money Barre, A&TA can help you decide if SMSF should be your next move. If it is? We’re there from set up, helping you work the regulations to your best advantage. We’ll help you navigate compliance to avoid penalties, get your returns in on time and keep your trust deeds up to date. 


We leave auditing to external experts, because we’re all about transparency. And we’ll do it all for a fixed fee. 


When it comes to self managed super, there’s no space for mistakes. A&TA has your back.