Tackling Hard Conversations

Quite possibly one of the hardest parts of business for me has been managing people and framing difficult conversations. Those conversations aren't always with our team members or employees - they might be with suppliers, clients and more.

That's why we've invited Rod Soper to present at our next workshop. Rod is Mel's co-founder at Thinkers.inq Preschool, is a counsellor, ex-teacher, ex-school principal and in his daily life manages conversations with teachers, parents, community and more.

Here's a blurb on what the workshop will be all about:

Navigating a safe passage through difficult interpersonal communications is a critical component of great leadership.

Hard and unpredictable conversations at work are always challenging and they require leaders to step into their wellbeing to ensure that psychological safety is created so that a safe passage is available for everyone involved.

A leader needs to develop and embed these skills into their role and know exactly what steps are required in order to gain great outcomes in their workplace.

This professional learning offers tools, answers and insights to leaders so they can effectively navigate hard conversations when they arise.

Together we will:

  • Look at where your leadership journey began and explore the importance of this history as it relates to your wellbeing.

  • Explore some of the best ways to understand human thinking and the leadership skills required to draw out the best in your team and lead them forth.

  • Learn to use the Golden Question and Unique Moments in order to help you create safe and open conversations, setting you and your team on a course of respectful and honest communication.


Tuesday 4 Feburary at 9:30am - 12:30pm 

Kelly Partners Sydney Office: MLC Centre, L53, 19 Martin Place


Friday 7th February at 9.30am - 12.30pm

Kelly Partners Glenbrook Office: 37 Ross Street, Glenbrook

Cost: $49 or free if on the Kelly Partners Way (formerly the A&TA Way)

After both workshops we invite you to hang around, enjoy a drink with us and meet Anna, our new Director. And of course Mel Browne will be there as well.

But book now as venue constraints mean we have limited capacity and we know this will book out.

To find out more and to book click the links below:

For Kelly Partners Way members, please email to claim your free tickets.