Over the past 10 years at A&TA we have been proud to help hundreds of businesses and individuals with accounting, taxation, advisory and wealth creation.  Here is just what a few have said about working with the A&TA team.


Speaker, Trainer, Author (Bullies Blamers and Bludgers)


“The night I met Mel B, it changed my life. I was all over the place with my tax/finances and it scared me to look into it, so I popped it in a drawer and hoped it would go away. Of course it didn’t. I then met up with Mel who put me straight at ease and spoke to me in normal talk (vs accountant confusing talk). I immediately felt comfortable, supported and empowered to talk control of all my accounting needs. That was some time ago now and since then I have partnered with Mel and her fabulous team and I can’t believe this, but I actually find accounting FUN now!!! who would have thought- thanks Mel for empowering me to take control of a really important aspect of my biz – you rock! Oh… and on a side night, gotta love that my accountant rocks in her leather pants and stilettos …


Wallace Concrete Pumping

“After being self employed for 11 years we decided to change accountants. The team at A&TA were recommended to us from a friend. To say that I am totally amazed every time I deal with A&TA is an understatement. Every single person always goes above and beyond for us. Our business has seen massive growth since working with A&TA. Melissa and her team are proactive in setting up workshops and information days to show us different ways of looking at things. There has been many times when we have felt totally out of our league with no clue what to do in different accounting situations, so I contact A&TA  and after speaking with them I honestly feel back in control knowing I have their support. I have never experienced service like this before. We strive to run such a successful business with fantastic employees like A&TA has done”!



Blue Mountains Adventure Company


“I’d like to say thank you so much for your organisational integrity and your excellent customer service. I have had far too many poor experiences in my 3 brief years as a business owner (I can assure you that the NRMA and Telstra are most definitely at the top of that list), however A&TA continues to be one of the best organisations I work with – both from the perspective of an all round excellent business/service, but more importantly with exceptional individuals as part of that team. I cannot think of a single negative interaction I have had with A&TA and I thank you again. You are without a doubt one of my most valued business partners”.


Buff Point IGA


“Firstly I’d like to start by thanking you and your team for all the help over the last 5 years. I used for many years the family accountant as many people do, what I didn’t realise is that your tax isn’t about handing someone your group certificate and walking away. I have found working with Accounting & Taxation Advantage to be a key part of my working calendar, mainly due to the amazing ways I have been shown to maximise my return at the end of each financial year, and the planning for each coming year is nothing short of brilliant. When I started looking at a new business everyone told me that it would be very complicated and expensive road, one that would take years and may not work out. The other side of all this was when I began to work with Accounting & Taxation Advantage and found out that it wasn’t all doom and gloom, and in fact is just part of what they do on a daily basis. People often say that success is determined buy the team you surround yourself with, and I can honestly say without the continued support and guidance from Accounting & Taxation Advantage we would not be in the position we are in now. We have grown our team to over 10 staff in 8 months and with plans to grow even more this year. Melissa and all the staff at Accounting & Taxation Advantage are considered to be part of our team at IGA Buff Point and are an integral part of our business”.


Pat Callinan’s 4 x 4 Adventures (as seen on Channel 10)


“Pat Callinan Media Pty Ltd is a media company specialising in television, magazine and websites in the Blue Mountains. At the start of our business five years ago, we sought the help of Accounting and Taxation Advantage. At the time, we were very much a ‘kitchen table’ business, and needed all the help we could get, particularly in the realm of taxation advice. After a run of very below-par accountants, we were recommended to try Melissa. Straight away, we knew the advice was sound. Melissa looked at our business as a whole as well as our financial goals, and set up a plan to achieve them. Her fees were well and truly covered by the money we have saved over the years by effective tax minimisation techniques. As the business has grown, so too have our accounting needs. Melissa has assisted in each stage of our growth though offering sound advice and cashflow forecasts. Running a small business is hard enough, but being able to sleep well at night thanks to good (and legal!) financial advice and accounting strategies has been a godsend. She has even helped us by recommending other local small businesses like recruitment firms to assist in our expansion. Thanks Melissa! I would be happy to recommend Accounting & Taxation Advantage to any other local small business.”


Spa Sublime


“Who said a visit to an accountant was boring? Melissa and her team at A&TA have brought the financials of my business to life. I now have the security and the confidence to make decisions based on facts, not on assumptions.”


Daznel Property Maintenance Services P/L


“A few years ago now, we were working within our family Business which is mainly regarding property maintenance & cleaning. We were both tired, run down and after receiving another tax bill, caused us to deliberate on whether or not we did the right thing starting our own Business. These deliberations caused us to look around for advice rather than go to the same Accountant that we had used for years. Our enquiries led us to Melissa at A&TA. After a 1 hour consultation, clear advice and direction and a change in Business structure, we have never looked back. Melissa and her entire team are professional, reliable and a highly motivated team that go out of their way to assist. They make themselves available for you and give clear advice on every occasion. I have recommended Melissa and her team to other Businesses that are in need of assistance or direction and on every occasion, the positive feedback that we have received is pleasing. We do recommend Accounting Taxation Advantage, in unusually strong terms to any Business, small or large. They are available and willing to assist you with any query and they also have a network of contacts to assist in other areas of Business. Having spent time with a number of different Accounting Firms, Melissa & her team from Accounting Taxation Advantage are friendly, approachable and professional. To find all these qualities in an Accounting firm these days is unusual. We will never look back”.